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Faux Food: The labelling and production of genetically modified food

Faux Foods Poster

Faux Food is a comparative visualization of the top countries that produce genetically modified food, what crops are farmed, and the level of regulation for genetically modified food by the government.

How I did it

Genetically modified food is a very broad subject with an overwhelming amount of information—affects on the third world, labelling laws, the Monarch butterfly, the farming industry, etc. I chose to research and highlight labelling laws because I felt that creating awareness around labelling benefits consumers and society as a whole—even if they decide for themselves that they’re okay with the idea of not labelling food, it wouldn’t hurt to make them aware of the current landscape.

Faux Foods Poster: Close Up
Faux Foods Poster: Close Up

I discovered three datasets in my research: where (and to what extent) genetically modified food is labelled, how many acres of land is used to farm genetically modified food, and the kinds of food that are farmed in these countries. By creating an infographic, I was able to visualize these datasets in an efficient and impactful way.

This project is undergoing a digital makeover. Check back soon to see how I dive deeper into my research findings and translate this print project into an interactive visual essay.

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